Educational Support
and Expert Advisory

Benefit from Our Professional Services

Maximizing value from data is quite a challenge. Our experts from industry and academia are here to help! Whether you want to introduce a new data product strategy or design and roll out a data product operating model or scalable data product architecture, we got you!

Workshops and Co-Creation

Get training on data product strategies to design a process and culture to build your data-driven company. Insights into best practices provide new perspectives and a common understanding of key terms and trends that will fuel your data product strategy and increase your team’s efficiency and effectiveness. Our professionals co-create deliverables, such as concepts, designs, and exemplary data products, jointly with your team to accelerate your data initiatives.

Coaching and Enabling

Have experts on your side when you embark on the journey toward data product management. Whether you need someone to take tasks off your plate and speed things up or to be coached in newly introduced data product management roles, we are here to help. Our Train the Trainer concept helps you scale data product management within your organization in a fraction of the time.

Advisory and Consulting

Tailor our professional services to your needs. Work with our consultants to create new data product strategies, design data product operating models, or assess and develop data architectures. We help you with advisory services in project engagement to scale your data initiatives. Benefit from our experience as data and analytics consultants for leading Fortune 500 companies.

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Turn Your Data Into Assets

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