Your Generative AI Intelligence Network

Data as Part of Everyone's Daily Work

Value Proposition

Speed Up Your Data’s Time to Value

AI powered intelligence network integrating with your existing tools and platforms

Accelerated time to value/ insights

Increased productivity

Available capacity in data teams

New insights with generative AI analytics

Reduced business decision risk

Accelerated Time to Insights

Sophisticated ML/AI capabilities made to facilitate the identification of value-generating use cases for enterprise-wide data products.


Brings people into the equation of data value generation, providing a platform for cultivating data as an asset.


Advanced search engine and catalog browsing functionalities similar to the favorite tools of business users.


Learn from previous experience through the rating and commenting features, incentivizing the refinement of crude data into assets.


Collaborate on new data-driven business models and identify new application fields for enterprise-wide data in your workflows.


Builds on top of your existing technology landscape and leverages existing business structures, application architecture, and data sources.

Connect Data Assets to Expert Knowledge

Access a new world, where you can explore and discover data assets from siloed data sources in line with the business domains of your organization.

Find the data products you need with a search engine that scours enterprise-wide data and learns as you search, offering machine learning recommendations for data assets.

Realize value from data products with business context-enriched metadata, using the data-driven business model generator to apply new data assets to your workflows

Collaborate on data products assets with their sponsors, give a face to each data asset, and cultivate data as a true asset in your organization.

Stay up to date with latest data governance regulations, policies, ethics, and news impacting your data products with a direct line to the Chief Data Officer/data lead.

Stop Wasting Time! Turn Your Data Into Assets, Now

Turn Your Data Into Assets

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